The Arcade Classics arcade machines come with a comprehensive Three Year Warranty.

We are so confident that the Arcade Classics arcade game machines are of the highest quality workmanship that we protect them with a Comprehensive Three Year Warranty (parts only) which includes free parts!

After painstakingly comparing our Three Year Warranty against the warranties offered by our competitors, we can safely say that we offer the best coverage in the business! Similar units only offer a 90 day or one year warranty and do not come with free parts.

Arcade Classics arcade game machines are commercial quality, designed to run 24/7… for decades on end. Whether you want to add one of our arcade cocktail table or upright arcade machines to your business or want to add an exciting new addition for your home, we are the leading source for all your needs. There’s no better value in the industry today!

Warranty 3 Years Comprehensive

Built to last with the highest quality commercial components.

Our classic arcade machines produce the graphics and sounds of all of your favorite classic games, exactly the way you remember them. Arcade Classics builds arcade machines using materials that will provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.

Every feature of our arcade game machines are designed for authenticity and long lasting performance. Take our monitors for example, which offer you an exact reproduction of classic 80′s games and are built to last for decades. Shop with us today for quality, amazing features, and sophisticated performance. Warranty is not transferable.