Product Overview: Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

Modern State Of The Art Electronics play just like the original classic arcade games of the 1980s.

The Arcade Classics Cocktail Table Arcade Machine™ provides authentic sound, graphics and action, transporting you back in time; just like you remember it from your local arcade. Our classic arcade machines are the key to the ultimate gamer’s paradise.

  • Protected with the highest quality tempered glass top which can be personalized with various screen printed graphics. The clarity of game play combined with the look and feel of thick tempered glass is far superior over competitors that use plexiglass tops on their arcade cocktail table.
  • You have a choice of two world class monitors:

    New 21″ Authentic 15kz CGA Arcade Monitor for exact reproduction of graphics. We are the only company left that still sells an authentic 15kz CGA arcade monitor, which comes with a 21” viewable screen. Everyone else is selling a cheaper 17 or 19” VGA LCD/computer monitor with a viewable area that’s 2 inches less then stated. VGA monitors simply cannot reproduce the game graphics of the classic games the way you remember them. The classics were originally programmed to be displayed on a 15kz CGA arcade monitor. These monitors are bigger and brighter. Our commercial grade arcade monitors are designed to run 24/7 and last decades.


    21” Military Grade Full View LCD Monitor: Everyone else is selling an 19″, limited life, LCD computer monitor. Our brand new 21″ monitor is a “Full View LCD”, which is much more expensive since it allows for clear viewing at all angles. The problem with LCD computer monitors, besides their limited life, is that they only give you a clear view when looking straight on at the monitor. Images become distorted when viewing the monitor at an angle… the result is similar to viewing a laptop on an angle. We offer the very best in LCD arcade game play.

  • Commercial four-way arcade quality joysticks and buttons give you that authentic “feel” - solid, smooth, controlled game movement.
  • Expanded control panel gives you added room for your hands. Our unit is the only one of its kind that incorporates a duplicate set of three shooting buttons Control Panelfor convenient and enjoyable left handed play. Most control panels are only designed for right handed players.
  • Allows for free play or accepts coins, utilizing a commercial grade – sophisticated electronic coin mechanism to easily handle the demands of any commercial location. In a home setting, you’ll still receive the same commercial coin-op, unlike many competitors which only affix a “sticker” to make it look like a coin-op. A commercial grade coin-op adds tremendous value to your arcade machine, whether you use it or not. Our commercial quality arcade machine is designed for long lasting value, which guarantees a “return on investment”.
  • The furniture grade cabinet adds a delightful ambiance to any setting, and comes in your choice of black or cherry wood grain finish. While playing, the cabinet is wide enough to accommodate drink and food items. When not in use it serves as an attractive table. Inside the cabinet, everything is clean, neat, and easily accessible. The authentic arcade monitor has convenient adjustments located inside. The sound system replicates the game sounds exactly like you remember them. An internal high powered fan is installed to protect the electronics from heat damage when the Coin Mechanismgame is powered on for long periods. Convenient hand grips are built into the side of our arcade machine for easy and safe movement. The unit is fully compatible with 110v or 220v electrical voltage.

Our Cabinets are compatible with:

  • NAMCO 20 Year Reunion with Ms. Pac-Man®, Galaga®, Pac-Man®
  • Team Play 2005 re-release of Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr®
  • Team Play board with Centipede®, Millipede®
  • 25th Silver Anniversary board featuring Space Invaders®, Qix®
  • NAMCO Classic Game Collection 1 with Galaga®, Xevious®, Mappy®
  • NAMCO Classic Game Collection 2 with Dig Dug®, Pac Man®, Rally-X®

If your favorite classic game is not included in the above listed game packages, please contact us for complete list.


JAMMA Compatible Boards: The Arcade Classics Cocktail Table Arcade Machine™ is “plug & play” and compatible with most of the popular licensed game circuit boards of the ’80s using the universal JAMMA connector. The connector (see left) is located conveniently just inside the service door. Changing games is as easy as unplugging one board and replacing it with another. As you continue to add game packages, your classic collection will grow. Play them all on one Arcade Classics Cocktail Table Arcade Machine™.