World Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

What title will be the first classic game inducted into the Strong World Video Game Hall of Fame? Will a Pac man arcade machine top the list, or will a modern favorite like Angry Birds beat out the classics?

What Games Were Nominated?

The Strong Museum received thousands of nominations for its first group of world-famous video games. Here are the fifteen most requested:

  1. Angry Birds: with over 2 billion downloads, this 2009 game launched the popularity of mobile gaming and revolutionized (and to some degree created) a booming industry.
  2. DOOM: this 1993 title also had a major impact on video games by transforming first-person shooter games with its top-level action, graphics and energy.
  3. FIFA: it might not be your go-to game if you’re not a sports fan, but the series has consistently released new titles since 1993, selling over 100 million copies. It’s the most successful sports video game ever.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: this wasn’t only a game. This title became (and still is) a legend, true to its name. After its 1986 release, it became the first Nintendo game to sell one million copies.
  5. Minecraft: successful since its 2009 release, millions play this mining and building game across the world.
  6. The Oregon Trail: depending on your age, this may have been the first video game you ever played. Introduced in 1971, it wasn’t just a game, but also an educational device used by teachers and parents.
  7. Pac-man: need we say more? The catalyst for the arcade craze, this game may be the reason for a video game hall of fame.
  8. Pokemon: this title became much more than a game, inspiring television series, movies and trading card collections all over the world.
  9. Pong: one of the first games ever made by Atari, this 1972 arcade cabinet became familiar to millions.
  10. The Sims: a real-life human simulator game that was rarely not found on home computers through the early 2000s and up until today, selling 175 million copies by 2013.
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic became the face of the Sega franchise and spurred them on to compete with Nintendo for popularity among young Generation X-ers.
  12. Space Invaders: this title was the first to popularize the idea of defeating aliens in space and also called attention to the importance of a high score.
  13. Super Mario Bros: selling more than 40 million copies, Mario eclipsed the fame of Mickey Mouse according to a survey of children in 1990.
  14. Tetris: this title has enjoyed extended popularity on multiple gaming platforms and is well-known around the world.
  15. World of Warcraft: over 10 million people currently play this game – that’s a lot. It has grossed the most profit over all other video games.

2015 Inaugural Class

After identifying the top 15 finalists, the World Video Game Hall of Fame 2015 inaugural class will be decided on June 4, with a special reveal ceremony taking place at the Rochester museum at 10:30 a.m. While the general public is responsible for the initial nominations, the museum will depend on the scholarly advice from cultural experts and journalists when making the final decisions.

Only a few more weeks, and the most famous video games of all time will be decided. Which titles are you rooting for?