Why Are Classic Arcades Better Than Modern Games?

Just because you are alive today in 2015 doesn’t mean you have to forsake your classic arcade cabinets and cocktail table arcade games for futuristic online game play. While modern gaming has taken great strides in the last two to three decades, it’s still exciting to pop a few quarters in your favorite cabinet, like Space Invaders or Pac-Man, and get back to your roots.

Here are a few reasons why classic arcades top modern games:

You Had to Work For Success

Now that video games are a widespread, popular pastime, there is a much more accessible entry level on most mainstream games. Anyone can start playing and find immediate success – that’s how the big companies make their money. In classic arcade games, you had to painstakingly conquer one level at a time, sometimes taking weeks or months to level up. It took more time, but it also delivered a much more triumphant feeling of success.

You Only Needed One Thing: Quarters

Nowadays, you have to match your game to the specific system. You need an internet connection to play with your friends. If a friend has a different gaming system than you, you’re out of luck. Don’t you miss the days when you and a group of buddies could just head down to the arcade and blow all your quarters? You didn’t need hundreds of dollars to get the latest system and the newest game. You simply needed your lunch money.

You Had a Community

From the arcade owner to the guy who watched and cheered you on as you beat the next level, you interacted and communicated with people before, during and after your gaming experience. Today, unless you have a fancy headset, you might be alone on your couch while you play. That isn’t to say you don’t have a distant community – nearly every person you’ve met has played a video game at least once – but they aren’t there, participating with you. Classic arcades may have had less widespread popularity in their heyday, but you and your niche group of friends had a strong connection one can only achieve through hours of chummy arcade time.