What is Amazon Game Studios Up To?

We’re past the days where you needed to find a functioning arcade or scare up arcade games for sale to enjoy the most popular recent gaming titles. In modern times, all you need is a smart phone, a tablet or a computer for video game entertainment. In years past, maybe you thought Amazon was simply a great online marketplace to purchase Christmas gifts. Well, times are changing. Amazon is entering the game development market and expanding every day.

Amazon’s Game Expansion

The most notable recent move by Amazon was to buy the gaming video platform Twitch for $970 million. Twitch broadcasts gaming video to over 60 million people every month, and now the ideal gaming marketing platform is in Amazon’s back pocket.

Amazon also bought Double Helix, the company that developed Killer Instinct, along with hiring revered gaming industry development names like Ian Vogel, Clint Hocking and Kim Swift. But what are they going to actually produce?

New Amazon Products

The games in development by the newest Amazon Game Studios team are being kept under wraps for the time being. However, Amazon is constantly releasing new gadgets, possibly intended as the main platform of play for the as yet unknown games. They have released two games for their Fire tablets and smart phones, and two games are set to be released soon. While constantly adding new versions of their tablets to the product line, they have also created a television box similar to Roku, but with a heavy focus on gaming not just streaming.

One of their upcoming games intended for the Fire phone, Til Morning’s Light, uses Dynamic Perspective technology. This technology uses four cameras to track the game player’s head movement, adjusting the screen and view accordingly. When Fire phone users play Til Morning’s Light, they will be able to glance from side to side as if they are inside the game.

From new business acquisitions, to new talent on board, to new technology to new platforms, all that’s left for consumers is to find out all about the new games. What will Amazon Game Studios create?