Welcome to the World of Competitive Gaming

Have you spent hours and hundreds of dollars in quarters on your favorite classic arcade machines and cocktail arcade games? Maybe your childhood was filled with neighborhood challenges, seeing which kid could set the new record on the local “Donkey Kong” machine. Kids of today have the opportunity to not only set a record in their neighborhood, but worldwide. And while doing so, they could win hundreds of thousands of dollars or possibly more. Welcome to the world of the future – the world of competitive gaming.

Major Tournaments and Prize Money

The internet has done a great many things for modern society, including competitive gaming, or what is called electronic sports. Online streaming services like Twitch enable viewers to watch firsthand as game players try to beat the next level or reach new heights in their game of choice.

Now, tournaments encourage both online connection along with in-person conventions, with many of the major tournaments offering up to (and over) millions of dollars in prize pool money for pro-gamers and their teams who defeat the competition.

For instance, the World Cyber Games, a tournament founded by the South Korean company of the same name, held annual tournaments from 2000-2013 in various countries all over the world. While they recently announced that the 2014 tournament would be cancelled for unknown reasons, more organizations have taken center stage in the pro-gaming sphere, including Major League Gaming, who host tournaments including popular games like “Call of Duty” and “Mortal Kombat”.

The Gamers Behind the Tournaments

Matt Haag, a member of team OpTic, is one of the most popular current pro-gamers in the spotlight. His success at “Call of Duty” earns him almost one million dollars per year, through sponsorships and event winnings. He streams gaming sessions on his YouTube channel, which garner him over 9 million views per month. The kicker? He is only 22 years of age.

What if competitive gaming was popular when you were a kid, playing old classics like “Pac-man?” It’s always fun to dream.