Visit the Japan Game Museum in Inuyama City

Inuyama City in Japan is home to Asia’s largest collection of pinball machines. Not only that, but you won’t have to scour the region long if you’re looking for classic arcade games for sale or for play. You can instead take a short journey to Inuyama City and play any game your heart desires at the Japan Game Museum. With over 150 classic pinball machines, hordes of antique electro-mechanical games, old-time music boxes, jukeboxes and other antiques, there is a day’s worth of travel down memory lane waiting.

Plan a Weekend Trip

The Japan Game Museum is part of the One More Time Museum and Live House. Hopefully you will plan your trip on a weekend, as the museum is only open on Saturday, Sunday, and Japan’s regular public holidays. Once you pay the entrance fee, all games are free for visitors. It costs 1,000 yen for one hour, 2,000 yen for three hours, or 3,000 yen for a full day pass.

The Japan Game Museum has been gathering jukeboxes and classic arcade games for the past 50 years, and has quite a bit to show for it. Their collection boasts rare arcade games from the 1960s-1970s, and even some mechanical games that pre-date video games. While some items in the collection are still being refurbished, there are more than enough machines to accommodate the visitors. You won’t be waiting in line or standing at the change machine – get your entry ticket and start playing right away.

Besides the giant collection of vintage pinball machines, there is a wide variety of antique appliances, record players and other items that will be sure to elicit nostalgia in visitors. You can also enjoy a meal at the Music Café, situated inside the museum, and play one of the ten cocktail arcade games while you wait for your food.