Visit Amsterdam’s Arcade Hotel

There’s a reason the popularity of upright arcade machines will never die down, nor will the classic games designed for them that have been enjoyed for decades. Classic games became classic for a reason – they are addictive and fun – and their appeal isn’t just limited to the United States. Gamers the world over find classic arcades relaxing and this inspired the theme of one of Amsterdam’s newest hotels – the Arcade Hotel.

Themed Hotels Aren’t Only Found in Las Vegas

Amsterdam isn’t a city known for its themed hotels. You wouldn’t be shocked to find classic arcade games on the Vegas strip, but now you don’t have to travel to Sin City for this experience. Check into the Arcade Hotel located in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam and you’ll have plenty of games to entertain between your ventures out into the city.

There’s no extra charge to use the gaming consoles located in each room of the hotel, each outfitted with a wide range of games. You can also visit the comic book store in the hotel lobby. Right now there are 36 available rooms at the Arcade Hotel, though owner Daniel Salmanovich plans to expand the hotel to 45 in the near future.

Prices are reasonable at the Arcade Hotel as well, with single rooms starting at $83 and double rooms starting at $161. There are also quad rooms large enough to fit up to four people for $219 per night, if you’re planning a friendly group trip.

Not only are room additions in the expansion plans, but Salmanovich also would like to add a gaming room where parties can gather for group play. Salmanovich’s main motivation for adding the hotel to his family-run repertoire of businesses is to build a space where travelers feel completely comfortable.

“I wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friends’ home,” he said.

Are you planning your next European exploration? Consider adding the Arcade Hotel as a stop on your list if you are venturing to the Amsterdam area and you don’t have to leave your love of gaming at home.