Use Arcade Games to Boost Employee Morale

Are your employees dragging their feet on Monday morning? Even after a rested weekend, you simply don’t see a spark in their eye. No one is excited to get back to work and tackle the new projects on your company’s agenda. How can you turn your employees’ negative attitudes around and put a smile on their faces?

Reimagine what workplace can be: a home away from home. Your employees should feel comfortable and relaxed in their workplace, and there is a way you can create that aura. Get a selection of classic arcade games and tabletop arcade machines for your office. What better way to encourage relationships to form and grow among your employees than by offering friendly competition and shared memories?

Create Friendships With Fun

Chances are, your employees each enjoyed classic arcade games throughout their childhood. It might not seem like they have much in common otherwise, but they can bond over the nostalgia of a familiar game. You can have employees partner up in teams and play against other departments. Soon you’ll have healthy rivalries popping up and willing participants engaging throughout the office. Your goal is to make your employees want to come to work, and the chance to beat the latest high score is a definite draw.

Add Incentive to the Work Day

You’re the boss, so you can set time aside for boosting staff morale. Consider setting up the tabletop arcade machines during a few lunch hours each week, or at the end of the day on Friday. You will find that after a stress-free hour of laughs and arcade game fun, your employees are much more willing to dive back into their work with gusto. The promise of a fun-filled break is a good thing for employee morale, and can score you major points with your team of workers.

Consider investing company employee morale funds towards diversion in the office, not outside of the office. Don’t wait until the holiday party to encourage optimism – start today.