Turn Your iPhone Into a Game Boy

If you thought retro gaming was strictly for classic arcade cabinets or tabletop arcade machines, think again. Old-school Nintendo titles could soon be playable on your iPhone 6 Plus. Hyperkin, a mobile hardware and accessories company, has launched a new product idea that is currently in development mode. It’s designed to attach to the mobile smartphone screen and give the cell phone owner the traditional Game Boy experience, only this time it’s called the Smart Boy.

April Fool’s Joke Inspiration

Originally, Hyperkin posted a picture of the demo product on Reddit, just for fun, a day before April Fool’s Day. The widespread positive reaction spurred the company to take it seriously and begin developing the product.

Smart Boy Features

According to the company’s press release, the Smart Boy will feature in the color “80’s grey,” much like the original shade of 80s-era Nintendo equipment, although a wide range of colors and themes may be added later. An eight-way D-pad, two red buttons and the original “start” and “select” buttons found on the Game Boy of times past rounds out the look.

At the back of the attachment, gamers can insert their original Game Boy and Game Boy color cartridges. The unit will come with a built-in battery that can charge using the phone as a power source.

Gamers simply have to power on their phones, connect the attachment and utilize the Smart Boy app. The app will load a database of popular cheat codes and also let users save their current progress in whatever game they’re playing.

Copyright Issues

There’s a chance that Nintendo might try to put a stop to Hyperkin’s newest project. However, they will most likely be unsuccessful due to the fact that the patent on their hardware designs has expired, and Hyperkin’s attachment doesn’t use Nintendo branding in its conceptual design.

Don’t worry, Android users, Hyperkin has not forgotten you. The company is reportedly also going to develop models to fit both Android and Windows phones, but the iPhone model will come first. Currently, the company has not set a release date, but you might want to find your old box of Game Boy cartridges and dust them off, just to be ready.