Top Places to Create an Arcade

You finally purchased that Pacman cocktail table you’ve had your eye on for quite some time. As a beginner arcade game collector, you know which games you want to add to your collection in the future, but you’re unsure where exactly to place all of your new treasures. Here are a few ideas on how to create a home arcade on your property:

 1.      The Garage

Put your garage to use for something more than housing your off-season holiday decorations and your rarely used rusty tools. The first step in making a home arcade in your garage that will be the envy of all your friends is to de-clutter. Hold a garage sale, install wall and ceiling storage hooks and make sure the floor space is clear for your brand new arcade cabinets. Next, make sure you have enough grounded outlets available for your entire collection. Pressure wash your garage floor, apply a moisture-sealing coat of paint and purchase a few comfortable couches and rugs. Now all you need is the arcades to complete the deal – your very own garage-arcade.

 2.      The Spare Bedroom

If you don’t have usable garage space, don’t feel bad. You can still convert that unused spare bedroom or study into the arcade den of your dreams. Again, the key here is decluttering. You don’t want to invite your friends over only to have them trip over a box of your old college paraphernalia. If it’s a bright, airy room, think about darkening up the space to give it more of an authentic arcade feel. Paint the room a dark color and install blackout shades. Hang retro lighting and vintage posters. Your guests can sleep on the couch – your spare bedroom has had a welcoming makeover!

 3.      The Basement

Since you can’t completely declutter your basement, the first task in creating a basement arcade is to create separation. Form a boundary between your arcade area and the laundry machines and stacked boxes. Purchase room dividers to help section off your basement arcade. Pick a corner of the basement close to the cable wiring, in case you also want to install a flat screen television. Your basement arcade can do double duty on game day. Since basements can be cold and musty, think about finishing the walls and floor in your arcade section.

No matter where you choose to install arcade cabinets in your home, you won’t regret the fact you can return to the good old days of coin-operated video games any time you like, and your friends can come too.