The Potential Benefits of Virtual Reality

Building on the popularity of the upright arcade machine that swept the world in the 1980s, virtual reality is the latest craze and the latest modern development to come to the gaming industry. It’s going to spark a wave of interest and there’s no doubt that the headsets will fly off the shelves, but many believe that virtual reality is useful for more than just entertainment.

The Army is Getting Involved

Believe it or not, your Call of Duty skills might pay off in reality. If you plan on enlisting in the Army anytime soon, you might have to play a video game as a form of training.

The Army is beginning to use virtual reality headsets to train platoons to work together as a team. Virtual reality allows those immersed to feel like they are in the actual environment, whether it is a desert or a jungle. You can hear enemy gunfire in the distance and helicopters flying overhead. It’s an ideal way for the Army to train a group of soldiers and provide a realistic sense of what the actual experience is like.

Could Education Change?

Have you ever heard of Nolan Bushnell? He is the founder of both Atari, Inc. and Chuck E. Cheese’s. He may be 73, but he’s still focused on projects that he believes will revolutionize both gaming and education.

Bushnell thinks virtual reality has the power to rejuvenate the arcade industry. People will visit arcades because the technology has not yet been made accessible on a large scale.

Bushnell also thinks that high school and college, which both take four years to complete, can be shortened through the use of virtual reality. He is a founding member of BrainRush, an educational software company that uses scientific brain studies to formulate new ways of learning through gaming.

With the Oculus Rift’s launch on March 28th, the gaming and film industries alike are standing by and observing the response. Is it a promising platform for content? Time, and sales, will tell.