The Legacy of “Super Mario Bros.”

Take a deep breath. Are you ready for this? Super Mario Bros. was released 30 years ago this year. A little over three decades ago one of the most popular video games of all time had not made its debut, but since then, the world of gaming has never been the same. Now available as a cocktail table arcade game or accessed by the latest home video game system, the title continues to delight old and new fans alike.

Game Plot

Mario, as usual, is the main protagonist and his ultimate goal is to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil clutches of the monster villain Bowser. When in two-player mode, his brother Luigi accompanies him on the quest. Mario defeats enemies by jumping on top of them and can collect coins and other perks to add to his store of lives. If he takes too many enemy hits and loses all of his accumulated lives, the level ends unsuccessfully.

Critical Opinion

From the addicting music to the precise game controls, Super Mario Bros. received overall rave reviews from critics, both when the game was first released and in subsequent years and decades. IGN (Imagine Games Network) ranked the title in both their 2005 and 2007 lists of “Top 100 Games of All Time.” Game Informer followed suit in 2009, naming it second on their list of 200 best games in history. Overall, the game had a major influence on the side-scrolling platform video game genre, becoming a model of sorts for many popular video games that followed.

Modern Accolades

To this day Super Mario Bros. remains a favorite of all demographics. The title was recently nominated for a spot in the first class of the newly founded World Video Game Hall of Fame. Until Wii Sports bested its record, Super Mario Bros. sold over 40 million units for one platform, making it the best-selling video game of all time for a lengthy period.

If you plan on investing in a cocktail table arcade game the entire family (and their friends) will enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Super Mario Bros., a game that is a legend in its own right.