The Big 1-0: Xbox 360 Reaches its 10 Year Anniversary This Month

Besides the classic multi game arcade machine selection at the local arcade or game machine store, you can play many classic games in multiplayer mode in a different format: on the Xbox 360. Ten years ago in 2005, the Xbox 360 was released and almost immediately sold out. It would go on to break seventh generation video game console records, selling 84 million units total as of summer 2014.

Xbox 360’s Widespread Popularity

The popularity of the gaming system was not limited to one country or fan base – it was and is universal. Part of the vast success of Microsoft’s gaming system is due to its development of the Xbox Live community and services. Instead of simply being able to play games online, users could download indie and popular games, stream television shows, play music and more. Xbox 360 was a major step towards making a console not just a gaming system, but a must-have installation in every living room for all forms of entertainment.

Classic Games to Enjoy on the Gaming System

While the Xbox 360 was replaced with Xbox One, Microsoft will continue to offer support for the console through the year 2016. And if you are feeling the pull to revisit classic games, Xbox 360 is a perfect system to utilize. For example, the revamped Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, released in 2010, is a popular title for the platform. You can download the title in the Xbox Live Arcade and spend hours rediscovering Pac-Man.

Even though Street Fighter V will only be available on the PlayStation, you can experience Ultra Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360. This version of the classic franchise has been lauded as a return to the purity of the original multiplayer fighting game, sure to bring back old memories.

When the Xbox 360 wears you out, remember you can always purchase a regular classic arcade machine to get the full nostalgic experience and have it available at your fingertips day and night – it’s worth the investment.