Tarpon Springs’ Replay Amusement Museum Brings Classic Arcade Games to Florida Residents

What if you could turn your hobby into a career? That is exactly what Brian and Becky Cheaney of Tarpon Springs, Florida have done. This past Friday, Replay Amusement Museum opened its doors to the public. From old favorites like “Dig Dug”, to rare finds like “Triple Punch”, the Cheaneys have collected a variety of upright arcade games and pinball machines for customers.

Brian Cheaney started collecting the machines in his home about 10 years ago. As his collection grew, he filled an entire building off the side of his house with his vast array of classic arcade games. What started as a pastime is now a family business, and the Cheaney family has plans to grow Replay Amusement Museum even more in upcoming years. They are restoring pieces of their epic collection and adding additional games so that their visitors can journey back in time and embrace the games of their youth, and maybe give them a chance to show their children as well.

Say Goodbye to Loose Change

The standout feature of Tarpon Springs’ new attraction is that visitors do not need to have their pockets stuffed full of quarters to have a good time. Replay Amusement Museum charges customers a flat rate of $13 and they are invited to play to their hearts’ content.

While the lack of jingling in their pockets might take away some of the nostalgia for visitors, it allows whole families to enjoy all the games in the building – which contains some 80 odd arcade choices – without breaking the bank. Children and adults alike can come inside and play all day with a general admission ticket. If a lack of practice causes you to see “game over” too soon for your liking, no problem. You can restart without visiting the change machine.

If you’re in the greater Tampa area and want to take a trip down memory lane, there’s no better place to go than Replay Amusement Museum. It’s part arcade, part history, but most of all – fun.