Concept “Tappers Arcade Bar” Could Soon Be Coming to Indianapolis

Jeff Moulton and Austin Howard have been collecting any and all upright and cocktail table arcade games for sale that they can get their hands on. The result? Moulton’s living room is chock full of classics like Ms Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and he’s constantly on the lookout for more.

Moulton and Howard have grand plans for their arcade game collection. They want to bring some classic video game fun to downtown Indianapolis by opening “Tappers Arcade Bar,” named after the classic game.

What stands out about Moulton and Howard’s idea is that the games at their bar would all be completely free. While some patrons will remember the classic arcade games from their youth, they won’t have to remember their quarters, and there won’t be any admission fee.

Online Crowdfunding: Modern Day Business Model

“Tappers” does not have a firm opening date because Moulton and Howard are not even sure their idea will come to fruition. They are relying on their online crowdfunding campaign to provide the cash needed to secure a location, furnish the place and buy snacks and beverages in preparation before opening the doors.

The deadline for their IndieGoGo campaign is November 26, 2014 and they need to hit the $30,000 mark or they will have to give back all the funds raised so far. As of November 13, a little over $20,000 had been raised.

Don’t Forget the Beer!

So how exactly will “Tappers Arcade Bar” make enough money to keep its doors open? While Moulton is the arcade expert of the pair, Howard’s specialty is beer. They are planning to put eight craft beers on tap, working with local breweries to rotate brands and styles. They’re hoping that this will draw in a regular crowd. After all, who can turn down beer and games?

If Moulton and Howard succeed in getting their Indy arcade bar off the ground, a grand opening is planned for Spring 2015.