Spielberg’s Newest Movie “Ready Player One” Schedule for 2017 Release

Arcade game machines influence many areas of culture, but perhaps no area so strongly as the recent rise in movies based on classic arcade games and their popular characters. With the release of Pixels, Adam Sandler’s film was just another movie in a long line of titles like Wreck-It Ralph, Tron, and the Resident Evil franchise to find success showcasing storylines and graphics reminiscent or solely based on arcade games.

The next arcade-involved title set for release by director Steven Spielberg is based on the 2011 Ernest Cline novel, Ready Player One. It’s been described as a “sci-fi gaming epic” and revolves around 1980s pop culture. Ironically, Spielberg is most likely the film genius any fan of the book would choose to direct a film based on the novel. After all, he directed and produced many of the films the book references, required knowledge for a full understanding of the Cline novel.

Spielberg originally signed onto the movie’s production in March 2015, but he is known to have withdrawn his contract before, even on big-name films. He completed a few months of development on American Sniper before cancelling his involvement. However, with Warner Bros. releasing a statement naming Spielberg personally and scheduling a film release date of December 15, 2017, it seems like the adaptation of Ready Player One is going to be handled with care by one of the premier film directors of the last few decades.

Ready Player One’s World

The plot of the money is set in a futuristic world, specifically the year 2044. Wade Watts is poor, but has dreams of greatness revolving around his ability to solve a game built by James Halliday, the creator of the virtual world known as OASIS. Watts must try to complete the puzzle by unraveling clues based in 1980s pop culture and then he may be the winner, the next owner of OASIS – similar to the plot of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but with gaming, virtual reality and film references mixed in.

Follow the progress of Ready Player One and prepare yourself for the next sci-fi adventure from Steven Spielberg, coming December 2017.