Southern California’s Arcade Expo Coming Soon

Has it been awhile since you played one of your old favorite classic gaming titles on a cocktail arcade table or pinball machine? can rectify that if you live near Banning, California. The Arcade Expo in Southern California grows in size every year due to massive popular demand, and this year, you can joint the happy visitors from January 15th to the 17th at the Museum of Pinball, located on 18 acres in Banning.

Scheduled Events to Enjoy

The main event involves pinball and more pinball. Visitors can enjoy free play on 800 different pinball machines and classic arcade games throughout the facility. There will also be a chance to play your favorite arcade game outside at night, which Arcade Expo dubs the “Starcade.” Pick your favorite title set up outside in the 5 acre park and play until midnight on the 15th or 2 a.m. on Saturday the 16th.

There will also be two tournaments, both lasting three days. One will be focused on pinball and one solely dedicated to Donkey Kong. It’s the ideal time to bring your “A” game and see how you stack up.

Special Guests You Could Meet

Walter Day, also known as the “king of video game stats,” began keeping records of high scores on arcade games in 1982. He served as the assistant editor for video game high scores for Guinness World Record Books in the 1980s, and he founded his own company, Twin Galaxies, an eSports social platform that regulates scores and mandates rules for professional play.

During this year’s Arcade Expo, not only will Walter Day be present, but there will also be a dedication of the Walter Day Trading Card Museum during the weekend.

Billy Mitchell, who scored a perfect game of Pac-Man in 1999, will also be present at the Arcade Expo. He also held the high score in Donkey Kong, also becoming the first person to score over 1 million points in the game, but his initial and follow-up scores have been surpassed as of 2015.

 Plan your trip to Banning, California and start the new year off right – by playing pinball and arcade games until your fingers can’t move another inch.