Sacramento’s 2nd Annual Indie Gaming Expo

Those who can appreciate classic machines like a Pacman arcade table or other vertical arcade games may also be interested in Sacramento’s own Indie Gaming Expo, an instant success for the second year in a row. The convention has a different feel to it than most. Instead of simply playing the old classics, attendees get to observe, support and encourage area developers in their quest to create new titles.

Event Features

The popular local event allowed attendees to visit Café Colonial on April 11 and test out a variety of featured brand new games selected from local up and coming developers. From science fiction fantasy games like Kinship & Crumple to role-playing fantasy titles like A Dragon Named Coal, Sacramento gamers viewed a wide range of unique original titles.

The expo also offered the chance to play classic Nintendo and Atari games or participate in a head-to-head battle with another attendee on a game like Mario Kart 8. The winners received merchandise, gift cards and other take-home prizes. The annual event is organized by a chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

International Game Developers Association

The IGDA was founded in 1994 by Ernest W. Adams in the United States, but now includes over 12,000 members located around the world. Originally meant to mainly support career development for game designers, the IGDA is now the main trade organization for computer game developers.

Chapters of the IGDA connect local developers with the surrounding community, hosting events like Sacrament’s Indie Gaming Expo to portray their work and expose the games to area gamers to gain support and raise interest. The IGDA also focuses on raising awareness on any issues affecting the game development industry.

For all classic arcade enthusiasts in the Sacramento area, check out next year’s annual expo to learn more about what up and coming developers are producing in your hometown.