Rumored World’s Largest Arcade Game Collection Up for Grabs

The owner of Spilmuseet, a well known classic arcade game museum in Denmark is doing the unthinkable; putting his prized collects of games and accessories up for sale. Although Rune Keller hasn’t given a firm price, he has been very open about speaking with serious video game collectors. Keller has been reason to be both private and selective. His video game museum, Spilmuseet, probably houses the most classic and rare video game machines and accessories in a single place. His classic arcade machines for sale have all been well maintained and serviced over the years. Many of the titles and games that Keller owns are veritably impossible to find nowadays, and having a bunch of these rare collectables in one place just ups the ante even more.

It is estimated that Keller’s collection of arcade games are worth somewhere around $2 million. In addition to looking for a collector with plenty of cash, Keller also wants to ensure that gamers will be able to continue to enjoy them. In other words, private collectors and hobbyists are pretty much out of the running. A few domestic and internationally based museums have reached out to Keller, but so far, no one has come to outright buy the collection of games at Spilmuseet.

In addition to starting and growing his collection of video games over the past 20 years, Keller has also created a detail website, fielded questions from curious patrons, and paid to keep each game safe and secure. Compiling the biggest collection of rare and classic arcade machines in the world isn’t the reason that this story is so special. Not only has Keller shared his arcade games with virtually anyone who’s been able to make the trip to his Denmark based museum, but he wants to make sure that retro gamers will have the chance to continue even after his collection has been sold. The contents of the Spilmuseet will likely be shipped off to another point in Europe, or they may perhaps even make their way over to Asia or the U.S. Gamers who have enjoyed the Spilmuseet may need to start saying their goodbyes sooner than later because interest in this massive collection of vintage arcade titles is only growing day after day.