Revamped ‘Ghostbusters’ with an All-Female Cast

If you’re old enough to remember the Ghostbusters craze of 1984, get ready for this news: it’s coming back. This time around, four women will play the roles of New York City parapsychologists who work at capturing ghosts for a living. Ghostbusters made waves in its 1984 release, bringing in $240 million in U.S. profits and spawning widespread merchandise production, including a host of classic arcade machines and an amusement park show.

Introducing the New Cast and Crew

Paul Feig, the director of the Academy-award nominated Bridesmaids, will direct the newest Ghostbusters. Two actresses from Bridesmaids join Feig – Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. The other additions to the four ghost-busting female cast are Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Both McKinnon and Jones are current members of Saturday Night Live. Feig co-wrote the reworked screenplay with Katie Dippold, a rising comedic star who worked on the hit TV show Parks and Recreation and the successful comedy film The Heat, also directed by Feig and starring McCarthy. Filming will begin in New York City in 2015, with a movie release date set for July 22, 2016.

The Legacy of ‘Ghostbusters’

From the film to the song, Ghostbusters lives on as one of the greatest comedy films of the 1980s…and possibly of all time. It grossed $23 million in its first week of release, setting an industry record for the time period. From Atari to Game Boy, Ghostbusters and its sequels prompted many popular games, with more released to this day. In 2013, Beeline released a Ghostbusters game on a mobile app using characters and storylines from both the first and second films.

Will the 2016 Ghostbusters live up to the original film, released 22 years earlier? Only next summer’s box office reports will tell if today’s movie watchers rank the remake on par with the first.