Remember Your Favorite MS-DOS PC Game?

Back when “3D” was an exciting game description, you whipped out your box of floppy disks after a long day of school and started playing your favorite PC games. Maybe you forsook arcades and put up your Pacman arcade game for sale in favor of the latest and greatest console in the video game sphere: the PC. If you want to take a look back at how different gaming was just a few decades ago, visit the Internet Archive’s newest project here.

Long Forgotten MS-DOS Games Come to Life

The Internet Archive, based in San Francisco, is a non-profit digital archive of games, books, music and pictures. Not long ago, the Internet Archive released a collection of classic arcade games for free web play. Now, with the guidance of software curator Jason Scott, they have reproduced 2,400 MS-DOS games available for play in a user’s web browser.

While the program used to launch the games, called EM-DOSBOX, is in beta mode and no instructions are given for game controls, interested retired PC gamers can still revisit “The Oregon Trail,” “Street Fighter II,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Sim City,” “Wolfenstein 3D,” “Back to the Future III,” and many more hits.

With 2,400 games to sort through, explorers might encounter an old favorite that completely slipped their mind. You might even find a new MS-DOS game that challenges your skills. Don’t be surprised if you come across some unexpected adult content. Some of the more scandalous games were reproduced as well, and you might find it shocking how risqué MS-DOS games could get.

Using the resources given out for free by the Internet Archive is a perfect opportunity to show your children or younger relatives how computer games used to work. Then challenge them to beat your high score at “Jazz Jackrabbit!”