Remember the Old Classic "Mappy"?

When you browse through arcade machines for sale, you can’t help but think back to the days gone past when you’d spend hours in the dusty, dark arcade in your neighborhood, trying to best your friend’s high score. Maybe you remember waiting your turn for the next round of Pac-Man and trying out other games to keep you occupied in the meantime. Maybe you tried your hand at another old Namco classic, Mappy. Released in 1983, this arcade game never received the same level of recognition, but continued to be referenced throughout the years in subsequent Namco games.

Mappy as a Complement to Pac-Man

You probably know Namco as a video game producing giant, but that wasn’t the only facet of their entertainment empire. In the early 1980s, Namco also produced many different lines of robots. The robots were designed to navigate mazes on their own and were known as a “micro-mouse”. Even today, Japanese robot-makers compete, seeing who can construct the smartest, fastest micro-mouse maze-completer.

“Mappy” the character started out as one of these, a micro-mouse dressed in a police uniform. Another robot created by Namco would also later make an appearance in Mappy the video game – “Goro”, a plump orange cat who would later play the villain opposite the main mouse character Mappy.

Mappy was released as an effort to offer another type of fun arcade game similar to Pac-Man, but with unique characters and challenges. While no one jumped on the Mappy train quite like the way Pac-Man took center stage, it was still another Namco title that caused quarters to flow for a period of time.

Game Play

The player controls Mappy, a mouse policeman responsible for finding all the stolen treasure taken by the evil Mewkies, a gang of cats. The treasure is stored in their leader’s mansion on different floors. Most of the houses have six floors plus an attic as the game progresses, and Mappy moves between floors by bouncing on trampolines placed at strategic points throughout the side-scrolling levels. If Mappy makes contact with a cat, he loses a life and once all his lives run out, the game ends. Mappy can earn bonus lives by making progress through the levels. Similar to Pac-Man, there are 256 levels for Mappy to conquer. While Mappy never achieved the same level of fame, the character and game provided many hours of entertainment for 80’s arcade gamers.