Prepare for the 2016 Election by Playing Candidate-Themed Games

Have you ever imagined designing custom arcade machines with Presidential candidates as characters? Well, somebody did. In fact, the Bernie Sanders-themed game has been around since 2006, when he was running for reelection to the Vermont senate. If you’re sick of sitting in front of your television and watching endless debates, get online an enjoy an election-themed arcade game or break out the Trump board game – fun education for the whole family.

The Bernie Sanders Game

Leave it to Bernie to create an ingenious way to keep people visiting his 2006 campaign website. Create an arcade game and award a T-shirt to those with the highest weekly score! And the game is a hallmark of all the Sander’s positions that are now making national waves.

The gamer controls Bernie who is flying an environmentally-friendly plane fueled by hydrogen. As the gamer controls the plane with the arrow keys and flies along, they must avoid the “extreme right wing” – a red R connected to an eagle’s wing, bags of money named “big money special interests” – even though avoiding money collection is counterintuitive to arcade play, “fat cats” – literal fat cats wearing a top hat, and “mudslingers” – a hand throwing mud out of a bucket. The gamer-controlled Sanders plane shoots back fact sheets at the enemy. Play it via the web archive here and see how high you can score. 

TRUMP: the Board Game

Back in 2004, Trump decided to reboot his board game, which originally debuted in 1998 without acquiring much notoriety. Back then, the slogan for the game was, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you win!” The 2004 version took a different angle – “It takes brains to make millions. It takes Trump to make billions!”

The game resembles Monopoly, but with many Trump revisions. First of all, the dice have six sides, with five regular numbers and a T for Trump. When you roll a T, you get to steal something from another player. From bidding on properties to initiating taxes on the other players, participants basically borrow as much money from the bank as they want and whoever ends up with the most profit at the end wins.

Which candidate will take the reigns for this election and produce a modern arcade game, perhaps in the form of an app, featuring their face and ideologies? We will have to wait and see.