PlayStation Network Versus Xbox Live Arcade – Who Has the Best Classic Arcade Games?

It’s pretty much been accepted that physical video game titles might not in the next decade. The PlayStation Network has been subject to a security breech as well as taken to task for banning, closing and restricting player accounts, but the brand hasn’t lost much, if any, steam. Xbox Live Arcade offers digital content, which includes a mixture of new, independently developed titles as well as classic arcade game licenses. Games that many players haven’t seen since they were first played on original arcade cocktail tables began to pop up across the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, much to their delight, little more than three years ago.

Since that time, classic arcade game developers have been working to keep up with the growing demand. Pacman and Capcom released collections of classic games to commemorate anniversaries, and simultaneously cash in on digital download purchases. Finding some games and consoles is difficult and potentially expensive. Microsoft and Sony have given consumers the ability to have the best of both worlds. By purchasing newer consoles, they can also get access to classic games, sometimes for free. However, it seems that both companies have no trouble removing certain classic arcade game titles from their collections almost as soon as they were added.

The bulk of the classic video games you’ll find on Xbox Live Arcade can also be found across the PlayStation Network. A few classics have given Sony or Microsoft exclusive rights, but you will still likely see another closely related game available on both platforms. So once players download, or at least get used to seeing particular titles on their digital content dashboards, they can get a little annoyed when the games go ‘poof.’

The original X-Men arcade game was a fairly big draw for arcade game fanatics, largely because there were never any home ports made. Seemingly at random, both X-Men and The Simpsons became unavailable on the PlayStation Network. Xbox Live accountholders can still access the game, which can make one wonder if digital download content is always such a good idea. Games for arcade cocktail tables can’t be deleted from your dashboard or suddenly restricted. If you’re a diehard X-Men or The Simpsons fan, you’ll definitely want to stick with Xbox Live Arcade. Otherwise, both platforms have an equally good selection of classic titles.