Play Over 900 Retro Arcade Games for Free With “The Internet Arcade”

Want to step back in time and feel like a kid again? You might have originally played these in their traditional vertical arcade games form, but now you can play them for free, right now, even if you have a deadline in a couple of hours.

Sound tempting? Visit The Internet Arcade’s website and feast your eyes on the vast variety of classic arcade games now playable on a laptop or desktop, and you do not even have to visit the change machine for quarters. It might take some getting used to because you probably hadn’t owned a computer yet when these games first came out. Depending on how your keyboard is set up, the controls will not be completely like the old arcade cabinets, but after a few rounds (or a few hundred) you should be able to get the hang of it.


Indulge In Your Old Favorite Arcade Games

From obscure arcade game titles to popular favorites, there is something for everyone at The Internet Arcade. Brush up on your bullet-dodging Galaga skills or feel the familiar rush of victory when you get to the next level of Dig Dug.

Jason Scott is the mastermind behind the idea of The Internet Arcade, and the whole project is powered by The Internet Archive – a non-profit digital library cataloguing songs, videos and books. The effort behind reproducing classic arcade games started with their initial project, “Console Living Room,” which added copies of games that were played on the Atari 2600, the Atari 7800, the Magnavox Odyssey, the ColecoVision and the Astrocade.

A program called JavaScript MESS – MESS stands for Multi Emulator Super System – can recreate many types of programs into JavaScript. This is the software used to power old favorites like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for use in your internet browser. While Scott himself admits it doesn’t entirely add up to the original experience, it’s fun to try your hand at the old classics and see if you still have your expert touch.

Game players can press “1” for single player and press “5” to insert a coin. Certain moves that might have worked when using a joystick won’t be quite the same with modern technology in the form of a laptop keypad, but you can still give it a go and see if you can beat your old high score.