Pitch to Pixel Comes to National Football Museum

It’s time to play a football-based multi game arcade machine in a different setting: visit the National Football Museum in Manchester to see the Pitch to Pixel exhibit, now showing through June 2016. Soccer might be one of the most widely played and enjoyed sports in the world. This love of the game doesn’t stop at the pitch. Many footballers and would-be athletes also enjoy playing the game in video game format, no matter their age. The National Football Museum is celebrating the marriage of football and gaming by portraying the new exhibit, which documents the history of football games throughout the past few decades.

The National Football Museum

First established in 2001, the National Football Museum contains many pieces of memorabilia from history illustrating the development and popularity of the game. Though the museum was originally located in Lancashire, it reopened in Manchester in summer 2012, now attracting over 350,000 visitors per year.

Pitch to Pixel

The new exhibit, Pitch to Pixel, is the first instance a feature of this kind has been shown at the museum. The exhibit contains many features ranging from artwork to actual games which museum-goers will have a chance to play. The titles include Atari’s Pele’s Soccer, NES’ Nintendo World Cup and Nintendo Gameboy’s Go! Go! Beckham.

Recent gaming history also has a place in the exhibit, as the motion-capture suits used by Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero in the making of FIFA 16 are also on display. EA Sports and Sports Interactive, two of the major football video game publishers, have partnered with the National Football Museum in the production of the exhibit.

Museum-goers will learn how actual football play influences game development and see how titles have progressed since the early editions of the 1970s. Visitors can also practice heading the ball on their own, with a program that takes a picture of them directly on contact.

Visit the National Football Museum before June 5, 2016 and see the revolutionary exhibit in person, amidst a wide array of many other historical football mementos.