Pacman's Golden Years

Unexpectedly, the Pacman arcade machine captivated audiences worldwide. Well, what was so special about Pacman? In fact it had many other competitors, but it separated itself from so many others using an extremely basic game objective. Listed below are factors that contributed to Pacman's big success:

  • Pacman introduced more of a variety of consumers than any other video game on the market at the time of its release in 1980. Children, adult women and men, and in some cases even the elderly could be found playing a game of Pacman.

  • The objective of the game is fairly simple, but yet during its golden years everyone went crazy over it. It presented a challenge to those who played it, but instead of steering arcade newcomers away it lured them in. Even the female audience which wasn't a huge part of the market before got sucked in.

  • This is because everyone enjoyed its twist and turns, the different patterns, and strategic possibilities that could be created. People would spend hours upon hours playing Pacman arcade machines and boosting their coordination skills.

  • What also separated Pacman from its other competitors was its number of successful sequels that followed. Ms. Pacman, Pacman Plus, Super Pacman, and Baby Pacman continued the legacy of this arcade classic.

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