Pac-man Bounce Released to Canadian and Australian App Stores

Do you live in Canada or Australia (or know someone who does) and can’t get enough of the local arcade’s Pac man arcade machine? Until you purchase one yourself, try your hand at the latest Pac-man spinoff released by Bandai Namco: Pac-man Bounce.

What’s the Game Like?

While U.S. gamers have to wait until Bandai Namco is good and ready to send the title along to the iOS and Android app stores in our country, expect a fun mobile game with a modern, flexible twist on the same old Pac-man you grew up playing. Instead of sticking to horizontal and vertical movements, gamers now have the ability to move the character diagonally as well.

The virtual world where the chomping takes place in Snack Land, a reality filled with dessert treats which contribute to a “Candy Crush” feel, but gamers still must avoid ghosts with the ability to end the main character’s life. Pac-man has to move blocks in a puzzle format to form pathways to help the main character consume all the dots, but gamers must plan carefully to avoid moving the wrong ones in case it releases enemies. Pac-man also must collect as many stars and keys as possible, bouncing off arrow symbols and walls to change direction.

Full Release Coming Soon

Bandai Namco is reportedly set to release Pac-man Bounce  on a global scale as soon as all the bugs in the 100 available game levels are repaired. So far, the game is free to download, though it is unclear whether upgrades can be purchased in later levels. The game allows users to login using Facebook to track their scores in comparison with their friends, adding the social element mobile gamers have come to expect yet still appreciate in mobile gaming offerings. Download Pac-man Bounce on your smart phone in upcoming months to get another Pac-man fix.