Pac-Man Gets a Reboot on its 35th Birthday

Yes, you read that right. “Pac-Man” is 35 years old this year. It might make you feel old, but it also might make you crave the old days of endless “Pac-Man” game play. While finding a “Pac-Man” arcade game for sale would be ideal on the three and a half decade anniversary of your favorite classic arcade title, you can also play the redesigned, rebooted version of the game set to come out later this year.

From the Creators of “Crossy Road”

The brainiacs over at Hipster Whale, the Australian development company behind the smash-hit “Crossy Road,” have partnered with Bandai-Namco to release a fun, new twist on the “Pac-Man” of old. The new game, set to release in summer of 2015, is called “Pac-Man 256”.

In the classic arcade title, “Pac-Man” players worldwide were frustrated beyond belief when they reached level 256. Sometimes called the “split-screen” level or the “kill screen,” the entire right side of the arcade screen always turns into a jumbled mess of letters and numbers, making it impossible for gamers to complete the level. The original reason for the glitch was a bug in the programming. The levels were supposed to stop at 255, but a slight overflow made the system partially begin running one more incomplete level.

“Pac-Man” Goes Mobile

The new take on “Pac-Man” will include the entire cast of characters from the original title, but the gamer will have to avoid the onslaught of threatening “glitch” letters and numbers while completing the level.

“Pac-Man 256” will play much like the major success mobile game “Crossy Road,” with an isometric view and controls similar to the company’s original hit. Since it will be released as a mobile game to start, original “Pac-Man” lovers can download the title right away from the app store, though the medium through which they enjoy the old favorite will be different than before.

The game will be free to play and you can get excited by watching the title’s preview trailer here.