Over 150 Million Americans Play Video Games

Remember the days when you were the only one taking on the next level of the Ms. Pacman cocktail table at your neighborhood arcade? Video games are no longer just for the nerds – everybody’s doing it. According to research presented by the Entertainment Software Association, over 150 million Americans play video games.

Who is Playing?

It’s not just teenagers who are spending high amounts of time on a console. The average video gamer’s age is 35, with 30% of all players falling into the 18-35 age range. The most surprising fact of all? 27 percent of gamers are 50 years of age or older. Video games don’t simply phase out as a hobby as people age.

In some cases, the source of older gamers may be parents who want to connect with their younger children by participating in an activity where they can find common ground. 59% of parents report playing video games with their children on a weekly basis.

The use of video games as a way to connect socially doesn’t end with parents and children. 56% of gamers who play the most frequently only do so when others are involved. Out of all participants, 54% play in multiplayer mode at least once a week. Gaming isn’t the lone, reclusive pastime many view it as – it’s a way to bond with friends.

As far as gender goes, many might think teen boys own the video game sphere. Not so. 33% of all gamers are women aged 18 or older. Only 15% of gamers are boys under age 18.

How Often Do They Play?

While almost half of the country’s entire population enjoys video games on a regular basis, 42% of all Americans spend at least three hours every week on the hobby. Out of all polled gamers, the average length of time they’ve been playing video games as a pastime is 13 years.

How Much Do People Spend on Video Games?

The video game industry is enormous. Video games may be considered child’s play by some, but it’s a very prosperous, very large adult industry with the profit margins to match. In 2014, $22 billion dollars was spent on games, hardware and accessories.