New Home for the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas

If you think museums are boring, think again. The Frisco, Texas Discovery Center has opened its doors wide in welcome. The new National Videogame Museum now has a new home and can finally display its impressive, timeless collection of arcade machines for all to see. Frisco is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth region, convenient for tourists and locals alike.

The Discovery Center has put up almost $1 million in funds so that the museum can begin construction on a new facility that will be able to house the extensive assortment of games. Over the course of many years, the museum has showcased its arcade machines at multiple videogame expos around the country. When they are not traveling to their next show, the cabinets are kept stored away. Still, every time the museum founders, John Hardy, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli, take the cabinets out on the road, it puts their collection in harm’s way. They want to avoid damage to the arcade machines, and the National Videogame Museum’s purpose is to do just that.

More funding will take place over the next year and Hardy, Kelly and Santulli will plan out exhibits, games and workshops. The founders have said that they would like the museum to focus primarily on educating visitors about the origins of videogames. It won’t all be history, timelines and exhibits. The National Videogame Museum will teach its visitors about the scientific creation of games and could even have a workshop that lets people get hands on, creating their own, personalized Pong.

That isn’t all the National Videogame Museum will offer. Visitors can step back in time to a 1980’s themed arcade and play the classic arcade machines to their heart’s content.

While construction is in the works, the National Videogame Museum will utilize 10,400 square feet of the Discovery Center, cycling the different arcade machines through. Once a larger space is built, the museum will be able to show them all at once, highlighting the way videogames have evolved throughout the years.

The National Videogame Museum’s target opening is set for April 2015, or shortly thereafter. The Frisco, Texas Discovery Center should finish renovating the building by that time so that the museum can get up and running. If you’re looking for a vacation destination to visit next summer where you could indulge your passion for arcade machines along the way, consider heading to Frisco, Texas.