‘Nanoarcade’ Takes Desktop Gaming to a New Level

Eric Lin’s new ‘Nanoarcade’ creation is the perfect tabletop arcade game if you are looking for a compact, transportable gaming machine. The project has exceeded its Kickstarter goals, with over 550 backers raising almost $36,000 in cash. Completed Nanoarcades are set to ship in April 2015 and the games can begin.

Nanoarcade Design

The purpose of the Nanoarcade is to revisit the old days of arcade cabinet gaming. Only instead of an upright arcade machine cabinet taking up the entire free corner of your living room, the miniature Nanoarcade can fit on a desktop. While normal arcade cabinets are 140cm, the Nanoarcade is only 15cm, approximately one tenth of full-size arcade machines.

The Nanoarcade has a joystick and six buttons with which to control game play. Developers even crafted a coin slot to simulate old-time feel.

What Games Can You Play?

The Nanoarcade is equipped to play all J2ME games, those running on Java Script. When Nanoarcades ship to their new owners they will come with a few J2ME games already installed on the device. Also included in the prototype is a microUSB port, allowing gamers to copy any J2ME game to the device.

What Sets Nanoarcade Apart?

With other miniature arcade machines like the iCade already in circulation, why should consumers choose the Nanoarcade? The standout feature for the Nanoarcade is its stand-alone characteristic. No iPad, smartphone or tablet is required for the device to function, allowing gamers to take the Nanoarcade to the office, to a friend’s house or on a road trip sans any accompanying devices.

With early bird specials exhausted, interested parties can now pledge $49 and receive a Nanoarcade by mail in the coming spring months. It’s the perfect gift option for the arcade-crazed gamer in your life. Check out the other tabletop arcade games in the catalog for additional options.