Musical Arcade Games: An Addictive Combination

When you view available arcade games for sale, there’s no doubt you look for all of the old classics you used to love as a kid – Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and more. After all, they are deemed “classics” for a reason. But in more recent decades, some arcade games have varied from traditional themes by adding musical components. And there is no doubt that these games have been quite the success – they flourish today in arcades all over the world, and new titles are being released all the time.

Famous Music Video Game Titles

Many arcade games have featured music for years, with the theme songs running through your head long after you finish leveling up. But some of the most popular games that are entirely centered around music weren’t released until the “golden age of arcade games,” also known as the 1980s, was over.

Dance Dance Revolution, also popularly known as “DDR,” was developed by Konami and published by Konami, Nintendo, Disney, Keen and Betson in 1998 in Japan. It’s typically pointed to as the first of its kind as a video game entirely centered around rhythm and dance – essentially, music.

DDR gameplay is simple and straightforward. The gamer stands on the center of a pad and follows the prompts on the screen, stepping on arrows on the pad that correspond to the beat of the music. Hitting each arrow on time with the music? That’s good. Any delay or miscue is bad and lowers your score. Gamers could also play together, facing off on larger arcade versions of the game with two arrow pads.

Guitar Hero has a similar concept, only in this title gamers had to strum a guitar replica and press the corresponding buttons on the neck of the instrument in time with the music. Rock Band followed, with gamers able to play instrument replicas besides the guitar only.

Chunithm: The Newest Release

Chunithm is a new Sega arcade game with similarities to the music-themed arcade games of years prior. The gamer stands in front of the cabinet and plays note bars which resemble a large piano as the screen prompts them to, keeping time with the music. You’ll have to put your cell phone down for this – you’ll need two hands to keep up. You also may have to raise and lower your hand to meet the demands of the motion sensors on the sides of the arcade cabinet.

While there is currently no timetable for Chunithm to be released in North America, so far it has been a major success in Japan. Maybe Chunithm will be the next widespread music-focused arcade game of the next generation…or maybe another will come along. One fact is for sure, addictive musical video games aren’t going anywhere.