Ms. Pac-Man’s Designer Presenting at the 2016 Game Developer’s Conference

What do you remember most from your child or teenage-hood local arcade? Was it your addiction to the Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade game that kept you coming back to spend your allowance, coin after coin?

If Ms. Pac-Man had an effect on your gaming experience, you may be interested to know that one of the title’s main designers and engineers will be presenting on the history of the game at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2016. If you have not yet heard of Steve Golson, prepare to meet a giant in the game development industry who is ready to discuss the history of Ms. Pac-Man, one of the most influential titles of all time.

Steve Golson’s Impressive Resume

Steve Golson is most well-known for designing game enhancement programs while working for General Computer of Cambridge. While he worked on titles such as Missile Attack and Food Fight, he was primarily known for how his work affected the course of gaming history. His team was responsible for reworking Pac-Man and creating the “Crazy Otto” kit. It was so impressive that it was re-released as the game we’ve known and loved for many years: Ms. Pac-Man.

In the classic postmortem presentation, Golson will share with event-goers his creative process behind this accomplishment and the steps taken to reach success.

GDC 2016: What to Expect

The Game Developer’s Conference is a professionals-only meet-up first incorporated 27 years ago. The 2016 edition of the conference will take place in San Francisco on March 14th and run through the 18th.

The conference involves panels led by industry experts, discussing advances in the industry and compiling ideas on how to further expand the future of game development. The Independent Games Festival is also held during the conference, where publishers can select the top independent games and the Game Developers Choice Awards take place as well, an event recognizing the top performers in the industry.