Mega Man is Coming to the Silver Screen

20th Century Fox has partnered with Chernin Entertainment to produce a brand new live-action film based on the Mega Man video game, yet another title in a long line of recent movies based on popular arcade machines of years gone by. No timeline has been reported yet for movie production, but with the constant popularity of video-game-based films, the title is sure to be a hit regardless of when it premiers.

Mega Man Origins

Capcom produced the title for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. It first premiered as Rockman in Japan in December of that year. The game was one of the first Capcom titles to be specifically designed for home console use, whereas previously game titles were produced for arcades first, home game play second. The game was known for its difficulty and was lauded by critics though it did not bring in record revenues.

The plot is based on the story of two scientists who together create seven robots designed to complete tasks in order to build up the city of Monsteropolis. One of the scientists revolts against the original plan and decides to use the robots in his own efforts to take control of the world. The other scientist enlists the help of Mega Man, one of the robots, to defeat the other robots and conquer the evil scientist.

Overall, the game retains high acclaim, listed as 30th on IGN’s list of top 100 NES games of all time. One of the contributing factors critics believe affected the poor sales was the mismatched cover art which did not match the actual graphics in the game. Capcom was not affected in the long run – the game ended up being one of the longest-running franchises in company history.

Multiple Mega Man spinoffs have achieved success, including an animated series, a 2010 fan film and multiple anime series. The upcoming movie may be the most high-profile reproduction of the classic game’s storyline yet – time will tell how its popularity carries over to the next generation.