“Luigi’s Mansion” is now an Arcade Game in Japan

If you’ve been hoping for another dose of Mario and Luigi in the form of an arcade machine or arcade cocktail table, all you have to do is hop a flight to Japan. While Nintendo is behind the Luigi’s Mansion series, originally published on GameCube, Capcom has developed Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, marking the first time the company has developed anything for the series.

Luigi Endears Audiences Everywhere

Mario was the original Nintendo plumber to win over game players around the world. Not far behind, his younger brother Luigi completed the dynamic duo and accompanied Mario on his many adventures, first appearing in Nintendo productions in 1983. In fact, 2013 marked the “Year of Luigi,” coined by Nintendo as the game developer and Luigi fans celebrated thirty years of fun with the taller, thinner plumber.

Luigi Comes Into His Own

Mario was the focal point of all Mario Bros. games, up until 1991 when Luigi was first given a main role in Mario is Missing! His next big appearance came in 2001, when Luigi’s Mansion was released for Nintendo GameCube. After that, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was put out on Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

In Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi wins a mansion in a contest only to find out the place is haunted. He must face numerous ghosts, the evil King Boo and eventually Bowser in order to free a trapped Mario.

While Luigi and Mario had similar appearances in the beginning, Luigi has gradually morphed into a separate and distinct character, not only because of his taller stature and green clothing (and the letter “L” on his hat) but because he is usually the one to come to Mario’s rescue when his older brother needs help.

This is the common theme in games involving Luigi, and now game players can climb into a theatre style game cabinet to role play as Luigi in the latest installment of Luigi’s Mansion.