Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Comes to North America

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to visit Dave & Buster’s! You might love playing tabletop arcade games and visit the gaming paradise to eat, drink and compete to your heart’s content, but if you’ve ever been obsessed with Mario and Luigi, now you have added motivation to frequent the entertainment restaurant. Dave & Buster’s is capitalizing on another craving from avid North American Nintendo fans – they have just announced the arrival of the first North American installation of Luigi’s Mansion arcade at their Addison, Illinois location.

Highly Anticipated Luigi Installment

Luigi’s Mansion as an arcade seemed like a strange idea to many of those in the gaming industry at first. Given past installations of titles involving Luigi, how did Nintendo and its partner in the venture, Capcom, plan on making the puzzle-oriented, problem-solving play fast-paced enough to attract an audience to an arcade? But given the overwhelming approval of Japanese Nintendo fans, who were able to play the Luigi’s Mansion arcade first, the arcade experience is well-worth the pocket change spent.

Game Play

If you live near the Dave & Buster’s Addison location and make a trip to try out Luigi’s Mansion to explore the hype for yourself, you will step into quite a large arcade cabinet. You will be chasing ghosts with a vacuum controller. After you suck up the ghosts, you have to shake the controller to catch them. The controller also doubles as a strobe light so you can stun ghosts before you make your move.

Dave & Buster’s continues to grow in both sales figures and locations. In 2015’s second quarter, their profits were up 11 percent, with a reported annual revenue of $750 million. They now have 73 locations and are the go-to for adult-friendly arcade entertainment when you’re looking for a fun night out.