‘Join the Pac’ and Help Ms. Pac-Man Fight Breast Cancer

With the onset of October, breast cancer awareness month, companies and organizations are doing all they can to help combat breast cancer, a widespread and deadly disease. That includes Bandai Namco and Ms. Pac-Man herself.

For those who have enjoyed the Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, now you can download a new map for your mobile phone. The new mazes will be available through both iOS and Android platforms, and only cost $0.99. All of the proceeds are donated directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, who actively work at promoting early detection and offer resources for breast cancer patients.

The Ms. Pac-Man maze is all pink, with the signature pink ribbon of the NBCF featured prominently. Senior Producer Ben Acevedo had heartfelt words to add regarding the company’s decision to partner with the NBCF.

“While video games often bring amusement and joy to our lives, this is a chance to bring hope as well,” he said. “Breast cancer has directly affected my immediate family and it’s a fantastic opportunity for gamers and the industry to get involved.”

Not only will the new Ms. Pac-Man maze be all pink, but the other versions of mobile Pac-Man games will also change to pink to call attention to breast cancer awareness month. Another factor that will help the campaign is that game users have the opportunity to share their scores via social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Helping maze purchasers to get their friends involved furthers the message and will create more donations for the NBCF throughout the whole month of October.

As the most profitable arcade machine produced in the U.S., Ms. Pac-Man is one of the most loved and most recognizable arcade game characters ever. What better female arcade machine character than Ms. Pac-Man to lead the charge against breast cancer?

Grab your mobile phone or tablet today and see the changes now through October 31. The iOS games include Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Lite, Ms. Pac-Man Lite and Ms. Pac-Man for iPad. Android users can experience the new look on Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man + Tournaments.