Hooters and Namco: A Not-So-Unlikely Partnership?

With the influx of “barcades” all over the world, it was only a matter of time until Hooters cashed in on the trend. Wait – Hooters? The restaurant catering to a clientele that loves American fare from burgers to hot wings? The chain that is mostly known for its staff of “Hooters girls?”

Yes, that Hooters. The chain restaurant has realized that the customers who keep coming back for the football and appetizers might also be drawn in by trackball arcade games combined with “all you can eat” deals, especially in Japan, where Hooters is teaming up with Namco to build “Gaming Barside-B,” opening in Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district.

Hooters’ Asian Expansion

Hooters already has locations around the globe, including Switzerland, Aruba, the Philippines, South Africa, and many more – 25 total, including the U.S. Hooters already operates in Japan, Tokyo specifically, which is home to one of the largest Hooters restaurants in the entire franchise. Hooters is rapidly expanding in Asia, with plans to build over 30 locations by 2021 in the Southeast Asia region. The franchise’s partnership with Namco is a natural bond growing from the restaurant brand’s rising popularity in Asia, with the cultural love for gaming playing a major role in the new venture.

What to Expect

If you’ve ever visited a Hooters, you understand what the “breastaurant” is all about. It is a sports bar with female servers who aren’t afraid to show cleavage while sporting Hooters tank tops and orange shorts.

Now, “Gaming Barside-B” will build on the original theme, but add arcade games into the mix. Some of the prototype pictures for the restaurant include the same color scheme and waitress wardrobe, but show visitors playing pool, arcade basketball and more. Namco games like the Star Wars cabinet will be available for play as well.

Pay 1,500 yen, or $12 for 30 minutes of all you can eat food options and all you can play gaming fun. You can stay longer if you’re enjoying yourself. Pay an additional 500 yen or $4 for each additional 30-minute block of time.

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for a familiar orange, owl-themed restaurant with gaming fun, check out Gaming Barside-B and be the first to try out Hooters’ and Namco’s latest team project.