Highest Funded Kickstarter Video Game of All Time: Bloodstained

Have you heard of Koji Igarashi? You may know him by his nickname, “IGA.” The 47-year-old game designer has such a large and dedicated following, his Kickstarter campaign for production of a video game reached its funding goal in mere hours. That might not seem incredible, until you know the dollar amount: $500,000. We’re long past the days where kids had to wait for the next round of tabletop arcade games to be conceived, produced, manufactured and hopefully shipped to their local arcade. Now as long as you have funds to contribute, you can influence what games arrive on your favorite platform, thanks to the help of modern technology.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

You thought reaching the $500,000 marker was impressive? As of June 11, 2015, the Kickstarter campaign was supported by over 51,000 backers who had pledged a total of $4.32 million dollars. Millions! Who is IGA, what is Bloodstained, and why is this such a highly popular campaign?

Castlevania, first released in 1986, is a long-running series of action-adventure fantasy games. In the first installment, the main character is a vampire hunter who must defeat Dracula. One of the most renowned games in the series was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, released in 1997. It introduced elements of role play to the game series and the assistant director of the project? Koji Igarashi. He remained in charge of the franchise for many years at the company Konami, until he left in early 2014 to go independent.

Bloodstained will be “exploration-focused” with all the elements of a classic IGA game. It is set to release in March 2017 for the following platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PS Vita. If the campaign reaches the $4.5 million mark before its expiration, fans can also expect a prequel game for consoles and PC platforms. Review IGA’s history in Castlevania classics and get excited for the newest installment in his wide range of work.