Have You Heard About Twitter’s New Feature: Moments?

While you may love hearing about all the latest video game industry news, from who scored the latest record on a Ms. Pac-man cocktail table to which games are set to premier on your console of choice, Twitter does not seem to feel the same. The company’s new feature, called Moments, is designed to curate all the top news from any given category on a weekly basis. While so far the algorithm has successfully covered TV news, including the Vampire Diaries installment, as covered by Forbes, it has left out all news surrounding any information about the video game industry.

Twitter’s Quest for Success

Let’s get real – social media has become less about the “social” and also less about the “media,” unless you’re talking about advertising media. Social networks make billions every year through targeted marketing efforts. In 2014, Facebook alone made $12.47 billion. That’s quite a bit of cash.

Twitter’s 2014 profits were nothing to downplay at $1,403 million total, but it still fails to reach anywhere close to Facebook’s seeming stranglehold on social media advertising. Many industry experts believe this is the motivation behind the new Moments feature: attract new users to expand the marketing capability.

Where is Twitter Going Wrong?

Twitter can be complicated for new users to pick up when compared to other social media sites. Thankfully for the social media company, they may have recognized the problem in time. Moments is meant to be a new user-friendly introduction to how Twitter works and emphasizes what most like most about Twitter: it reports news in real time, along with content from two other Twitter-owned sites, Periscope and Vine.

However, if Twitter is failing to recognize a large sector of the entertainment industry, gaming, where else are they going wrong? Is Moments enough to bring them the profits they are hunting for? Supposedly Twitter users will soon be able to customize their own “moments,” so don’t fret – you can make sure to stay on top of all gaming industry news using this social networking site on your own.