Gaming Device the Size of a Credit Card? Meet the Arduboy

You may have your heart set on owning a cocktail arcade table, but can it fit into your pocket? The new Arduboy may be the smallest gaming platform created ever. It’s only 5 millimeters thick and able to slip into your wallet. Play games by touching one of the six soft buttons and watching your progress on the tiny OLED display screen. The Arduboy resembles a mini GameBoy, but it’s actually so much more.

Arduboy Educates

Arduboy games are created and shared via an open platform system called the Arduboy Arcade. All games currently published are open source. Gamers can edit them and share their changes with the community. Using a free online reference, Arduboy users can learn how to program simple 8-bit games using step-by-step instructions. The device is built on Arduino software, a program that makes it simple to write and upload code. Gamers can add a level to their favorite game or start a whole new game from scratch. Some of the titles available on the Arduboy Arcade resemble old and new recognizable classics. Alien Attack is similar to Space Invaders, Cascade Path is just like The Oregon Trail, and Ardumon plays and sounds a lot like Pokemon.

Who Came Up With Arduboy?

Kevin Bates, the founder and mastermind behind the grand scheme, posted a prototype video to YouTube. With the help of Kickstarter, the project now has almost 5,000 backers and has raised almost $300,000 – just a bit more than the initial $25,000 goal. Arduboy isn’t just a gaming tool – you can also use it as a digital business card. You can use it as a synthesizer. It’s a controllable USB device. Better yet, it’s only going to cost $39 for non-Kickstarter backers. Bates’ goal is to have Arduboy be the vehicle that teaches kids worldwide how to program – he’s developed educational kits for that very purpose.

Stay tuned on when and how you’ll be able to own your very own pocket-sized Arduboy.