Fictional Classic Arcade Machine Featured in Disney Movie Selling for $20K

Creating family oriented movies that appeal to both parents is what Disney does best, and 2012’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ was a really good, recent example of what the global entertainment giant can do. Based on a fictional 80s arcade game, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ very well could have been a real video game title, but it wasn’t. At the start of the animated movie, Ralph, the fictional game’s villain, sits in a room with other arcade classic bad guys; Browser, Zangief and Dr. Eggman, among others. Kids might have been entertained by the sudden appearance of the colorful animated cast, but parents couldn’t help but to pay closer attention as soon as they realized that their generation was being saluted as well. Characters featured in the classic Pacman arcade machine were also featured, including the ‘Bad Guys Anonymous’ meeting that Ralph attended in the opening scene.

Although ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ succeeded in its overall mission, many lamented over the fact that the titles most central to the plot didn’t actually exist. During promotion of the movie, Disney produced and released a very small number of a ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ video game. The game’s display has been distressed so that it looks like the unit was not recently produced. The controls include a trusty directional pad and two action buttons, just how we remember arcade machines from the old days.

Since the last ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ video game was purchased for $20,000, a newly listed auction features the same instant purchase price. This doesn’t include shipping and handling fees, but it’s a good deal for what may be the most rare remake of a classic game that never was. The identity of the buyer may never be revealed, but it’s almost certain that it will be an extremely dedicated vintage arcade game lover.

Most people can’t afford the $20,000 price tag for the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ video game, but Disney World visitors can momentarily enjoy the attraction while visiting the park. If you’ve seen the movie, you’d probably love the chance to take a turn behind a game honored the classic Pacman arcade machine and innovative House of the Dead in the same setting.