Famous Atari Classic “Asteroids” Returns

Don’t say you forgot about one of the best-loved arcade machines from the 80’s! Actually, Asteroids was released before 1980…way back in 1979 is when the arcade machine made its entrance into the gaming sphere. It might have been 36 years ago, but Asteroids made its mark during the golden age of arcade games, selling over 70,000 cabinets and grossing over $150 million. The game has regained enough popularity throughout the ages that Atari is now releasing the classic title in a new, shiny package called Asteroids: Outpost. The main difference is the method of game play – instead of a classic cabinet, Atari’s latest Asteroids installment will be accessed through your PC.

What Can You Expect from the Game?

In the first Asteroids, arcade enthusiasts played the game as spaceship riding fighter pilots whose main mission was to shoot down any asteroids and flying saucers coming their way. In the newer version, the spaceships are long gone. Instead, game players have landed on the surface of an asteroid in a place known as “the Belt” and must mine and gather survival resources and defeat enemies. In a multi-player, open game play platform, players have the ability to develop alliances with fellow players.

Based on the early released graphics, the new installment of Asteroids has come a long way since 1979. According to Fred Chesnais, Atari’s CEO, “We're paying homage to the original Asteroids by incorporating classic features such as asteroid blasting capabilities, while introducing a completely new premise and gameplay.” In a Feb. 10 press release, he went on to state that both original Asteroids lovers and fans of survival games and MMOs will appreciate the company’s latest venture into reimagining an old classic.

When Will the Game Be Released?

As of now, no release date is scheduled, but interested parties can sign up through email and get instant alerts when new information is released. While Atari is the publisher of Asteroids and its new companion game, Asteroids: Outpost is currently being developed by Salty Games. Asteroids is due to make another surprise appearance this summer, in the Adam Sandler movie production Pixels, due out July 24.