Did You Play Pac-Man in Google Maps for April Fool’s?

Google continues to win at every April Fool’s joke. In this year’s case, their plan was less of a prank and more of an unexpected, much-welcome surprise. Instead of waiting and hoping to find a Pac-man cocktail table for sale to revisit the classic game, anyone with a computer and internet connection could play Pac-man to their heart’s content.

The twist? Instead of the classic Pac-man levels, Google transformed their maps database into a giant Pac-man game board.

Google and April Fool’s Day

The giant tech company definitely has a sense of humor. The first April Fool’s joke they initiated was in 2000. On Google’s homepage, they added a swirling red and blue circle underneath the search bar called the “MentalPlex.” Beside it was a list of steps, instructing people to take off their hat or glasses and “peer” into the circle, making sure not to move their head. Then they must visualize what they want to find and click on (or visualize clicking) the MentalPlex circle. Once the Google-user clicked, they were met with an error message. 

YouTube got in on the pranking in 2008. They took the meme “rickrolling” to a whole new level. Every time a user clicked on one of their “featured videos” on the site, they were redirected to the music video for Nick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Pac-Man Comes Out to Play

It’s no surprise Google’s April Fool’s jokes just keep getting better. They even added a few riddles to help users figure out the best places to play in the world of maps. All you have to do is open Google Maps, search for a location Pac-man might be present and click on the Pac-man game board symbol in the bottom left hand corner. The only remaining question you will have afterwards is “How long will Google keep this around?” It makes searching for directions much more fun.

Maybe it was employers who were truly “pranked” by Google on April Fool’s Day 2015. Employees everywhere just had to put work on hold while they tried out Google’s latest invention – didn’t you?