Dave and Buster’s Has Exciting News for Pokemon and Angry Birds Fans

The North American restaurant gaming chain Dave and Buster’s continues to spark the interest and draw the attention of gamers everywhere. They recently announced the release of their in-house popular custom arcade machine games on a mobile platform, with the ability to earn credits redeemable in person, but now they are back with more exciting information that will be of interest to dedicated fans of Pokemon, the pop culture game turned phenomenon, and Angry Birds, the mobile game installed on nearly every smart phone in existence.

Pokken Tournament Trial Locations

Over the past year, Western markets have been waiting with growing jealousy as Pokken Tournament debuted in Japan from creators Bandai Namco and Nintendo. Currently, the company only plans to release arcade versions of the much-anticipated title, and to date has reserved the release to Japanese markets. However, at a Reddit AMA session, Dave and Buster’s Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Game Strategy Kevin Bachus exposed the arcade restaurant’s plans to test launch the arcade title at specific North American locations in the future. While Bachus did not cite specific cities or give an exact timeline, he did state that depending on the response, Pokken Tournament could arrive at all Dave and Buster’s locations in the U.S.

Angry Birds Arcade Game Slated for Dave and Buster’s Release

Even though it might shock you, the original Angry Birds mobile game was released almost six years ago. Since then, there have been many other mobile games that have developed an almost instant cult-following (i.e. Flappy Bird and Clash of Clans) but Angry Birds is not ready to fade into oblivion just yet. The makers have designed a stand-up arcade cabinet measured at eight feet long, with a 55-inch screen at the end. Players use an actual sling shot to fire birds in an attempt to defeat each of the 500 levels available – an interactive version of the normal touch-screen play. Guess which arcade franchise has elected to carry it first? That’s right, Dave and Buster’s. You can find the brand-new Angry Birds arcade game at the restaurant arcade chain in North American markets.