Dave and Buster’s is Coming to Your Mobile Phone

Ever wish you could find one of Dave and Buster’s classic arcade games for sale? Well now you can – on your smart phone. Three of the gaming restaurant chains most popular titles, Speed of Light, Big Bass Wheel, and Tippin’ Blocks are now available for play on iOS and Android devices. Are the games intended to make you want to come back to the restaurant for live fun or simply another way for Dave and Buster’s to entertain you while you’re away? The answer is: both.

The Star Team at Dave and Buster’s

Kevin Bachus, one of the creators of the original Microsoft Xbox, was hired by Dave and Buster’s in 2012. His goal in his new position was to push the entertainment brand to the next level and diversify the platforms where patrons can enjoy Dave and Buster’s-style fun. So logically, he pursued one of the fastest growing industries within the wide world of gaming: the mobile arcade.

He partnered with two gaming studios, Sarbakan and Robosoft Technologies, to create mobile games of the top three Dave and Buster’s original arcade game favorites. Bachus is determined not to have the games give gamers a “crossover” feel, but to make players feel like the games were originally designed for the mobile platform.

How Does the Power Card Work?

And that’s not all. Bachus took the system one step further. While on many mobile games, the coins and points earned are only redeemable within the game itself, Dave and Buster’s games give players rewards in real life. By linking their personal “power card” to the game, gamers store points and tickets and can visit one of the 76 brick-and-mortar Dave and Buster’s to claim the prize of their choice, just as they would if they had been gaming at the restaurant to begin with.

Will Dave and Buster’s new mobile gaming experience shake up the smart phone gaming community? Download one of the three new titles yourself and find out.