Could Crossy Road Be the Next Flappy Bird?

Get this: the creators of the latest popular mobile game Crossy Road earned $10 million in 90 days. How did they do it? First of all, they based their addicting mobile app on the arcade classic Frogger. Even though it’s currently at 50 million mobile downloads, could Crossy Road cross over and become a custom arcade machine? At the rate of success the developers are having, who knows what may happen next!

The Concept

Australian programmers Andy Sum and Matt Hall wanted to create a viral mobile game, and so far, it seems they have succeeded. The premise of Crossy Road is to advance a pixelated chicken, or other characters, across a busy, trafficked street or a stream of water. They used the expertise and creativity of Ben Weatherall, the artist, to give characters a distinct, sometimes humorous, appearance.

What’s Unique About Crossy Road?

Unlike many mobile games, Sum and Hall’s creation is first of all free, and second of all, does not require players to buy tokens or in-app currency to reach the next level. Where the revenue comes in is through variety and video ads. There are 50 different characters players can use, but they must purchase them first. Players can get game credits by watching the video advertisements launched inside the app and use it to purchase new character identities.

What’s Next?

Crossy Road hasn’t reached the financial plateau of Candy Crush, but $10 million is quite a bit of money. Sum and Hall’s development company, Hipster Whale, continues to roll out updates to Crossy Road, including a new batch of characters based on British and Korean culture. Sum and Hall are wise – they are attempting to create game virality by targeting specific country’s geographical and cultural thought.

So if you are looking for a fun, free new game to play while you have some time to kill, check out Crossy Road and try not to become too addicted.