Classic Pac Man Arcade Video Game



Objective of Pac Man Arcade:

Pac man must attempt to collect all the Powerpills and then avoid the wraithlike touch of the Ghost for as long as possible.

Pac-Man Arcade Setup:

1 player plays as Pacman, another player is his eyes and ears (so to speak), directing his actions. 2 players are designated as Ghosts, one player is selected to guide them – Ghost Guider Ghosts and Pacman take up their position within the maze, with the ghosts starting from their house and Pacman starting is his usual start location

The Pac Man Arcade Playing Area:

The Pacman Plus maze is 5m x 6m. Below is the layout that will be used: While the maze is not identical to the original Pacman Maze, we have tried to keep the shapes and key elements to make the maze recognisable to Pacman fans. The Powerpills will be located in the corners of the maze, in similar locations to those found in the Pacman game.

Pac Man GamesPac Man Arcade Screenshot

Pac Man Arcade Game Play:

The game begins with the famous Pacman tune; on its completion Pacman begins his quest for the Powerpills while the Ghosts begin to hunt him down. The player controlling Pacman is able to pass on any information they see fit. However they will probably have to spend most of the time directing Pacman. Pacman must only move if his controller tells him to do so. If he gets to a maze wall without any instructions he should wait for the next instruction. The player controlling Pacman must realise that the directions that Pacman is moving on the screen, will determine the instruction that they must give them. The success of the player will be determined by how quickly they come to terms with this. Pacman will receive 50 points for each Powerpill they consume. On top of their score, the length the game lasts before it’s ‘Game Over’, will be recorded. As the game ends the player controlling Pacman will be asked to input their three letter name. The scores will be displayed on a High Score table.

Pac Man Arcade Video Clip

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